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105 m² Flat
(Family of 6)

98 m² Flat
(Family of 5)

85 m² Flat
(Family of 4)

70 m² Flat
(Family of 4)

50 m² Flat
(Family of 3)

Year 2012 Dues

315.00 TL

295.00 TL

265.00 TL

 245.00 TL

225.00 TL

The figures are yearly amounts.
Our Valued Member; Ihlas Armutlu Holiday Village Management yearly dues are collected in the months of January, February and March.
After the 31st of March late fees are applied.
The amounts of the dues vary according to the square meter area of your flat.
You can use the wizard at the beginning of the page to calculate the square meter area of your timeshare