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The Benefits of the Spa Water in the Holiday Village from a Human Health Aspect

All of the bathrooms in the flats have therapeutic spa water available. You can experience the enjoyment of a spa in your own private bath tub in your flat.
In a report prepared by Istanbul University Medical Faculty Hydro-Climatology Chair Teaching Staff Member Prof. Dr. Kuya Yassa about the Armutlu Hot Springs, the following views were included:
The Armutlu Hot Springs are one of the primary therapeutic water sources of significance in our country. Due to the sulphates and bicarbonates included in this water it is effective on the digestive system. The very positive effects of this water on bloating connected with the lack or excess of stomach acid, digestive disorders connected to intestinal excretions or movements and digestive disorders connected to liver, gall bladder and pancreas deficiencies are well-know. Many benefits can be realized in the treatment of large intestine disorders like constipation and diarrhea due to spastic colitis and intestinal deficiency.
Due to the chloride content it assists kidney function. This water can also benefit in the treatment of circulation system and related disorders that develop from the functional insufficiency of surrounding blood vessels.
It has both a therapeutic and protective effect on diseases of the mobility systems, all debilitating rheumatisms, and soft tissue rheumatisms called fibrositis, all calm periods of arthritis (infected joint rheumatism) when the inflammatory period has passed. Treatment takes place by doctor recommendation with therapeutic baths.
Also, people can benefit from these therapeutic springs in the remission period of many diseases to help gain strength and readjust easily to normal life.
To conclude, even if they have no diseases, people who are both spiritually and physically exhausted by the demands of professional life, as well as athletes and others with high performance lifestyles can benefit from the therapeutic springs to reenergize.