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A person who takes a sauna bath in high heat and humidity conditions develops a layer on the skin surface in which a temperature increase of 10°C and, at the same time, under the skin layer an increase of 1°C above normal occurs. This increases the production of antibodies which protect the body against diseases, accelerates blood circulation and our bodies react to prevent the temperature increase under the skin layer by perspiring intensely. The vigor we feel with the emission of toxins during this sweating, the reduction in muscle aches with the emission of lactic acid and the disposal of dead skin cells enables you to have a smooth complexion.
The sauna provides many benefits for our metabolism with proper cool down and can relieve stress. Correct and regular saunas can make the respiratory system work better and give the cardiovascular system a good workout. It will help you get enjoyment out of life by protecting the immune system against diseases.
Improving Health
Cleaning the body of toxins that are emitted during perspiration
Relaxation and relief
Losing extra pounds
Increasing endurance
Treating such ailments as Rheumatism, gout, chronic eczema and psoriasis.