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The New Address for Meeting and Conference Tourism


Ihlas Armutlu Holiday Village has received the favor and admiration of our community since the day it opened.
On days we invited you to
holiday, health and the spa.
On days we invited you to sun, sea and vacation,
And then to weekend entertainment.

Now we invite you,
to Ihlas Armutlu Holiday Village to our new meeting and conference center which will increase the productivity of your work and training meetings, take your personnel and family’s motivation to the highest level and prepare a foundation for your success.

Conference and Meeting Rooms

We have 5 rooms to organize your conferences, meetings and special days. Our conference rooms are luxurious and technically equipped with the capacity to provide all of your needs so that you can make your presentations in the best possible way. Our rooms have been equipped and designed in different variations taking into consideration the number of participants and meeting features.

Meeting Equipment

Sound arrangement, sound control, sound amplifier, overhead projector, projector, laptop computer, DVD/CD player, Microphone, collar microphone, wireless microphone, flipchart, whiteboard, laser pointer, cable and wireless Internet, internal telephone, lectern, note paper, pens.




30 People


65 People


250 People


450 People


500 People

Istanbul Room

This is an ideal room for small meetings. The U-shaped arrangement has been designed for work meetings and presentations. All technical equipment is included. It has been designed in an area of 75 m² and 3.60 m high to easily host all of your successful meetings.
Uludağ Room

65 person capacity in an area of 75m² and 3.60 high.

Marmara Room
250 person capacity in an area of 225 m² and 3.60 high.

Terrace Room

In our 450 person capacity room the setting is ideal for special days and invitations with a theatre and performance stage as well as backstage and technical equipment. The concerts performed by well known artists in our Holiday village use this room as well. On many weekends theatre performances are staged for the children here.

Aqua Room

500 person capacity.

Healthy Meetings

While you conduct your meetings at the Armutlu Holiday Village, you can cast off your exhaustion after a long day at our spa.

Family pools, spa pool, treatment centers (men-women), family baths, massage, sauna, Turkish baths, Finnish baths